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Lifespan blames Medicare for its troubles. David Williams is quoted in the Boston Globe

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December 9th, 2019 by

Rhode Island’s hospital industry is troubled. The largest system, Lifespan is losing a key executive and just announced a major financial loss. When the company, which is also the state’s largest private employer, blamed its losses on Medicare cuts, theBoston Globe(R.I. Hospital president to leave as Lifespan announces losses, offers early retirements) called on David Williams for insight.

David E. Williams, president of Health Business Group, a Boston consulting firm, said he was struck by Lifespan’s remarks that its operating losses were due, in part, to “a dramatic and unexpected reduction in Medicare rates.”

Last month, about 600 hospitals filed lawsuits against the US Department of Health and Human Services, claiming they’ve been shortchanged on Medicare payments. Inpatient hospital reimbursements were reduced 0.7 percent, an adjustment that’s been in place since 2011 and is extended by Congress to recover overpayments.

The hospitals are suing over reductions in 2018 and 2019, which is estimated at about $200,000 per hospital, per year.

“If that’s what [Lifespan] is referring to, it was certainly unwelcome by providers, but whether you can say it was unexpected or dramatic, I wouldn’t agree with it,” Williams said.

Boston Globe quotes David Williams re:Partners name change

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December 9th, 2019 by

Partners HealthCare is changing its name to Mass General Brigham, saying goodbye to a name loved by exactly no one. The Boston Globe quoted David Williams about the change in Inmajor rebranding, Partners HealthCare changes name to Mass General Brigham

David E. Williams, president of the consulting firm Health Business Group, said Partners’ hospitals might be able to rally around a new common name.

“It won’t change anything by itself, changing the names,” he said. “But if it’s part of trying to do an integration, it might have meaning.”

But he also questioned whether the initiative will be worth the costs.

“If it gets to the point where a nonprofit is contemplating $100 million to change its name, it tells you something is wrong. That’s a fairly wasteful exercise,” he said.

David also explored the topic in more detail on theHealth Business Blog.

David Williams comments on Partners interim CEO in Boston Globe

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February 25th, 2019 by

Partners HealthCare moved quickly to appoint Dr. Anne Klibanski as interim CEO after the resignation of Dr. David Torchiana. David Williams was quoted in theBoston Globestory about it:

The Boston health care consultant David Williams said naming an interim CEO gives the board some time to conduct a thorough search for a permanent replacement.

“They have a history of taking a senior physician and making them CEO of Partners,’’ said Williams, the president of Health Business Group. “Now I think they’re not sure if they want to do that again or if they want to look more broadly for, say, a business person.”

Boston Business Journal quotes David Williams on Partners CEO departure

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Boston Business Journal引用David Williams的突然离职of Partners HealthCare CEO, Dr. David Tochiana:

“(Torchiana) tried to rationalize the organization and make Partners into a real company with more centralized decision-making, and make Partners itself mean something other than just the General and the Brigham,” Williams said. “It’s not surprising that he wasn’t successful. I don’t know if the next person will be successful either, if they will take the same route.”

Williams said whoever replaces Torchiana will have to be politically savvy to navigate those waters, but added, “even that might not be enough.” One option, he said, would be a restructuring of the organization into a group of separate hospitals that just share administrative resources.

Boston Globe quotes David Williams about Partners HealthCare

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December 8th, 2018 by

Partners HealthCare is opening new outpatient clinics. Could the company be taking advantage of the BI-Lahey merger to press its own advantage. David told the Globe (Partners HealthCare plans new outpatient clinics)

“Partners is expanding in the most lucrative lines of business that they can — putting outpatient facilities in high-income suburbs,” said David E. Williams, president of the Boston consulting firm Health Business Group. “This is a very good way to make money. Previously, Partners might have faced more scrutiny for making these kinds of expansions, but now with BI-Lahey, they won’t get as much pushback as they might have gotten before.”